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Dr. Adrienna Ember
Personal Development Strategist

PhD Psych.; PhD Eu.St., MBA Change management
021 2069 744

Adrienna’s interdisciplinary professional background and multicultural life experiences strengthened her passion to work with people of various cultural backgrounds. She is committed to:

  • Supporting people towards a more fulfilling life in harmony with their values and aspirations, and
  • Facilitating necessary changes in organisations for an ecologically more sustainable future.

After her studies in Germany (Economist, Master in European Studies), Adrienna worked as a business consultant for foreign investors in Hungary. Through her clients she received first-hand experience about the importance of intercultural awareness in an international business context and in managing change (MBA in change management, UK). Adrienna is an accredited Change Management Consultant by British-Know-How Fund and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Adrienna relocated to New Zealand in 2003. She completed her first PhD in European Studies and worked subsequently as a change management consultant. Through her interactions with leading politicians, managers and CEOs, Adrienna has become aware of the cumulative negative side-effects of stress and pressure on their wellbeing, and how they impact their private life.

To support people with leading a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, Adrienna embarked on a journey to become an Addiction and Co-existing disorders therapist, which was followed by completing her second PhD in psychology and her training as a clinical psychologist.

Adrienna offers the following service in person or per video sessions:

  • Psychotherapy for adults over 21: mood disorders, anxiety/panic related problems, stress, obsessive/compulsive disorders, insomnia, grief, trauma, relationship problems, wealth psychology.
  • Lifestyle & Wellbeing Consulting for a better work-life balance; support transitioning between life stages and/or professions; special support for people with high public exposure or other stressful work conditions (e.g. artists, actors, CEOs, lawyers, politicians, medical professionals, police) to avoid burnout and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Supervision for a wide range of health professionals and managers.