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Understanding Leadership to Grow a Successful Business

Your growing business will struggle if you do not understand the science of leadership.

This extends to both executing quality leadership and fostering leadership development in your business.

It does not have to be this way!

Take on the task of being sure you understand effective leadership. Then check in on your existing team and be sure you are building a team that complement each other and cover all the leadership bases and gaps.

Quite simply, executing on this single task will dramatically reduce your business execution risk! Why? Because leaders decide, focus and execute what needs to be executed to develop and grow a business โ€“ period!

Leadership can be defined in 7 dimensions:

Delivering Results:

In the context of a growing business, delivering results is crucial for achieving sustainable growth. The leader must also establish measurable performance indicators and hold employees accountable for meeting these targets.

Customer Focus and Understanding:

Customer focus and understanding are essential for building a loyal customer base and driving sustainable sales growth. Understanding customer service is a top priority, and that all employees are trained to deliver a positive customer experience.

Coaching and Developing Others:

The effective leader will focus on coaching and developing employees to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to support company growth. This includes providing ongoing training and professional development opportunities, setting clear expectations, and providing regular feedback to help employees improve their performance.

โ€œI start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.โ€

- Ralph Nader

Commercial Acumen:

Understanding the commercial realities of the business and linking that to the numbers. If the leader is not strong personally in the commercial acumen dimension, other leaders in the organisation must fill that gap.

This dimension also shows up in building and maintaining strong commercial relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and investors

Building Organizational Talent:

Understand and build organisational talent to ensure the company has the skills and capabilities needed to support continued growth. This includes recruiting and retaining top talent, establishing clear career paths and development opportunities, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


A team-oriented leader will promote a culture of collaboration and communication and ensure that employees work together effectively to achieve shared goals.

This includes establishing clear roles and responsibilities, fostering a sense of shared purpose and providing regular opportunities for feedback and recognition.

Effective Communication:

Communication aligns employees to clear and well-defined strategy, and that all employees understand their role in achieving the company goals.

Go well, enjoy the journey and as always, contact us if you have any questions.