Is my business ready for growth or sale? Score your business in 10 critical areas and find out here

we help you master the art of business freedom, opening up options you've only dreamed about.

before we tell you about how we can change your life, we need to make you aware of some disturbing facts.

  • 80,000 NZ business owners are over the age of 50

  • 40% of these people intend to leave their business in the next 5 years

  • 70% of these businesses will not achieve the owners financial expectation at time of sale

it doesn't have to be that way!

To have a successful business, you need...


The freedom to reconnect with life beyond business, be it travel, family, or sports. This is usually measured by having the ability to leave your business for 30-90 days and come back to more profits and no stress.


To go from worrying about finances to financial freedom. To have the business be profitable without the owners working "in" the business.

Better business valuation

To have a stable profitable business so when the time comes for succession or exit, the business is highly desirable to purchasers/employees or family, due to having great leadership, excellent operational processes, efficient people, effective marketing and profitable products and services.


our programme for success

Most owners focus on the day-to-day operational elements which often leave very little time to plan for growth by working on the strategic elements.

However, this is when you, the owner, need to start controlling all areas of the BSP framework (pictured below - tap to enlarge). Otherwise the business will start controlling you.

An unclear direction and no plan is a lost opportunity to motivate your staff and give them a clear idea where the business is going and what role they play in getting it there. You will keep fighting fires rather than pro-actively growing the business.

Tap the images to enlarge.

the BSP Programme is ideal for:

  • Businesses wanting to achieve significant growth

  • Businesses wanting to become more profitable

  • Businesses that want to develop or expand

  • Business owners seeking a more enjoyable lifestyle

  • Business owners wanting to build the asset value of their business

Does this sound like you?   


our advisor helps guide us through complexities

"One of our BSP consultant's core strengths is his ability to integrate himself into our business and learn all that is needed to help guide us through the complexities of any given situation. Our consultant has provided leadership, sales & communication training for our staff and has built a good rapport with our team and is a good sounding board for us as business owners."
- Jane Verhoeven, Automotive Solutions

take control of your business today.

If you're a registered business and would like a consultation, or just have a few questions you'd like answered, fill out the form and we'll be in touch. Alternatively, you can phone or e-mail us below.

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