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The Positives of Working With a Business Advisor - Daniel's Story

Slaughterhaus is a small independent brand and design agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Their passion is helping people discover their purpose and personality, putting it into a visual context so their clients can take themselves to market, achieve their goals, reach their customers and, ultimately, do what their business is built to do.

Slaughterhaus specialises in design and brand strategy and brand identity, with projects ranging from small local businesses and restaurants through to large scale, national corporations working with clients throughout the world.

Prior to taking on a business advisor, Slaughterhaus excelled in their craft but faced some problems in the running of the business.

"Slaughterhaus is always good at our craft, but as a business owner I struggled with the running of the business - the nuance and the little bits and pieces you need to know about actually running the business, that's why I needed to seek out a business coach in order to help take the business to another level." says te Kaat.

Taking on Christchurch business advisor Rob Vertogen has lead to positive changes, both in the running of the business and its general performance.

"Since working with Rob Vertogen, the systems we have put into place have let me take control of the business, rather than it take control of me. We've been able to increase revenue and increase profit."

"Rob was able to establish the gaps in my knowledge and the problems in my business very quickly and explain those to me in a way that was very easy for me to pick up and gave me the ability to be confident in the admin/management side of the business."

Speaking of the general process working with a BSP Business Advisor, Daniel te Kaat had this to say:

"Working with Rob, it's enlightening, it's uplifting and it definitely gives you that confidence and control that you need. If you're looking to understand your business better or looking to grow, get in contact with Rob from BSP Advisory Group.

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