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Six Fundamentals to creating an Awesome SME Business

1. Develop a long-term vision – develop a business plan that maps out the long-term goals for the business. Also, develop the discipline to constantly be working on this vision and bringing your business plan to life.  

2. Develop an effective Sales and Marketing Programme - Understand your target market, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and create new and profitable clients.  

3. Have effective systems and processes right across the business ensure that all the operational elements of your business are running as effectively and efficiently as possible  

4. Measure everything you do – Set up key performance indicators for not only your financial objectives but also for staff performance, quality control, marketing and sales.  

5. Develop leadership in your organisation – A business that can be managed is a valuable business. Development of people is essential to business growth as delegation of responsibility allows the business owner to be more strategic and focus on the things that grow the business. 

6. Use a Business Advisor or Mentor – a good business advisor will not only provide a sounding board to help with decision making but long term will be the ‘enabler’ that will keep the business on track and make it accountable to achieving objectives and make the business owner accountable for strategy and vision.