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Transform Your Business, Transform Your Life Part 1: The Foundation

In our first video in the Transform Your Business, Transform Your Life sequence, Rob Dorey looks at the foundation of how a business advisor looks at a business and breaks it into manageable pieces to analyse.

In this video Rob shows the breakdown of all the pieces and gives an overview of each. We will then break each one down into 5-6 videos that will be released over the coming days and weeks.

Enjoy the content and any questions please contact us.

Transform your business, transform your life is a series of interviews done live with Rob Dorey where Rob gives insider tips on how to approach your business with the view to transforming it to meet your growth goals in 3-5 years time.

It may be that you are thinking of selling your business and you want to know how to position it for maximum profits, or possibly you are considering buying a business and need to see a format for growing it using proven systems and techniques, or potentially you just want to increase turnover and profits 5 fold in your existing business. No matter what your goals are, the methods and examples that Rob will provide will help you succeed.