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Fast Five: Fergus & Alex at the Interiors Barn in Tirau

The Interiors Barn for several years has operated as a country destination for many seekers of uniqueness and quality. The owners, Fergus and Alexandra (Alex) Ewen have a created an amazing place to find furniture, antiques and all sorts of wonderfully quirkiness. Their aim when they first started was to import quality products that were affordable for the average Mums and Dads. They have kept this promise even as they shift to new premises.

In the last month, the Interiors Barn has shifted to Tirau and so many more people can enjoy this wonderful place. BSP caught up with Fergus and Alex as part of our Fast Five questions series. Here they share some thoughts around operating a small business.

  1. What is the best advice you have ever received as a business owner?

  2. My Dad always tells me that it's not the size of the company you run that makes you successful, it is how you run it! Success is what you want it to be. We think about this with every decision we make.

  3. What’s the best advice you would give another business owner?

  4. Listen to all the advice that comes your way! Trust your gut, chase your goals and make educated decisions to get to the places you want to reach.

  5. What is your proudest moment in business?

  6. When we first opened our barn at the back of our property and we were so nervous. We were totally stepping outside our comfort zone and didn't know how our business would be received and if anyone at all was going to be interested in our products let alone drive into the country to see us! Our proudest moment was when customers began to walk in the door that had not only heard about us, but our barn had been recommended to them by others!

  7. What methods do you use to cope with business stress?

  8. Someone once told me that stress was like holding a glass of water. Hold it out straight for a short period of time is easy. Hold it there for 24 hours and you will probably end up having surgery to fix your arm!

    I love this analogy! We try to grab down time when we can. We love spending time with our family, having fun and squeezing in some fishing when we can.

  9. What made you want to be a business owner rather than an employee?

  10. Fergus and I are both incredibly self motivated. Neither of us are the type to shy away at hard work, being self employed means that any any rewards reaped from these efforts do come back to ourselves personally and our business.

    We enjoy the scope that self employment gives us, and we are loving turning the barn into the type of shop that we love to shop in. Being the buyer, importer and retailer means we can provide great quality products to our customers without the heavy price tag that often comes with uniqueness. We love that we can be ourselves and I think our business reflects that.