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Our team of advisors provide resources, systems and advice designed to help businesses grow and prosper.

how does a business owner get a viable return on investment when using a business consultant?

It starts with a business advisor who has both experience in the small business space and is genuinely invested in your success. We've been on a mission to attract an elite team of business professionals to help you and your business. Our team are selected from successful business owners, CEOs, CFOs or GMs, all of whom understand the small business space.

BSP Advisory - Business Coaching

how our business advisors help sme businesses

Many businesses have surprisingly large locked-in potential to offer the owners a great deal more than they currently earn and at BSP Advisory Group we have the experience, diagnostic tools and resources to assist you to understand and unlock this potential.

Every business has different requirements however our customers all have one common goal and that is to improve on what they currently have.

We work closely with several strategic partners, accountants and NZTE funding agencies to provide a complete and robust package to our clients. 

we've helped hundreds of business owners...

improve your cash flow

...and reductions in overdrafts and other debts.

reduce stress

...and have more enjoyment in their businesses; it becomes fun again.

hire more talented staff

...Have the ability to hire more talented staff and have more time for themselves.

learn business skills

...Be able to learn valuable business skills that will last them a lifetime.

higher sale valuation

...Achieve a higher valuation for their business when selling it.

succession and exit plans

...Create succession plan that works and is financially rewarding for them and their families.

feel pride in achievement

...Feel the sense of achievement and pride that something they've designed for a long time has finally happened.

What happened to the dream?

Owners start or purchase a business for various reasons, however some where along the line for some owners the dream disappears. It doesn't have to be that way - call one of our success advisors, as we have the expertise to guide you. Let's work together.

our commitment to you

We get results by supporting businesses and business owners.

performance and results

We use our expertise and business acumen to help increase the profits and general performance of the businesses we work with. This is fundamental to what we offer to businesses.

support and confidence

We often work directly with both individuals and couples who at times are under a lot of stress and can feel isolated. As a small business owners ourselves, we understand and empathise with this and the development and support of the business owner(s) is equally as important as development of the business.

education and resources

As individual advisors we are part of a team that has a library of resources as well as various experts that all of our clients can access. We seek high quality service providers and strategic partners that we feel can enhance our own delivery and assist our clients.

how do I get started?

It might be the hardest thing to do, asking for help, however is the quickest way to make positive steps forward. Pick up the phone and call the number below to book a consultation with one of our Success Advisors - and from there, working together we'll transform your business and life.

5-star review

Answers the hard questions

Being in business is hard work, finding people that can assist and understand your concerns and needs is invaluable. Phil Wicks has been a great help and is someone that can answer the hard questions as well as ask them also. Highly recommend working with them.

Warick Buchanan

5-star review

Real pragmatic advice

Have had fantastic discussions with John Hopkins, who provides real pragmatic advice on how to maximise your business's performance. Getting it to a point where it works for you rather than the other way around.His own personal experience as a business owner is invaluable in being able to spot weaknesses and make recommendations on how to correct them.

Avesh Vather

5-star review

Listened without judgment

Helen Laidlaw asked real questions and listened without judgment. She gave informative replies to questions and we had fair discussions. Would love to have her input on a regular basis.

Florence Lussi

5-star review

Thinking outside the box

Rob is always thinking outside the box and happy to go the extra mile for his clients. What a great experience and service we receive from you. Invaluable to our business!

Pierre Lombard

listen to how our client Chris is now living his dream

​Be inspired by Chris’s story on working with a BSP Advisor

“We were operating under stress and maximum capacity on a daily basis for a long time, focussing primarily on delivering very high quality workmanship but struggled to meet the challenging day to day requirements of our clients due to the heavy workload. We really didn’t have much for anything else in our business.

"NOW, we’ve increased our turnover significantly over the last few years, we have a crystal-clear vision, a solid business plan in place and I’m not working in the business on a daily basis. All of this has been developed through the work with my BSP Advisor, Phil Wicks.

Chris Morris, Powdercoating NZ

take control of your business today.

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