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Danny Wells - Success Partner

Danny started his career as an accountant and later became a consultant with one of the big four accounting firms specialising in project management accounting and other business systems implementations. Danny has worked for startups to multinationals across the UK, Africa, Russia and India. Along the way he has on many occasions saved millions for a variety of organisations, his personal best being $27m cost savings on drilling operations in Russia.

Danny has long had a desire to help small to medium-sized businesses and is very happy to work with the BSP ‘Business Success Programme’ as a structured way to improve business performance and especially the worklife balance of the owners, while also keeping his eyes open for other opportunities for significant improvement.

Danny has two school age daughters so knows first-hand the value of work-life balance. In his youth Danny was a karate champion and has always loved the martial arts. He likens karate to chess or dance but with “crunchy bits”. In his travels Danny has sought opportunities to “give something back” including financing a small orphanage in India after the tsunami and helping to fund an educational charity in Kenya.