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Rob Vertogen - Success Partner

Rob joined BSP Advisory Group after seeking out a way to combine his business skills, his experience in senior management and what he learned in running his own businesses, with his passion for helping people grow and succeed. BSP’s values and methodical approach resonates with his own leadership style; to empower, guide and create understanding for businesses to reach their full potential.

After graduating from the University of Canterbury, Rob entered the tourism industry and was instrumental in the growth and success of one of NZ’s market leading Motorhome companies, here he discovered his love for people and building exceptional team culture.

Over the last 10 years Rob has led several multimillion dollar companies before going on to establish his own successful businesses in the automotive and hospitality industries.

With a recent return to rural Canterbury, Rob lives with his wife, horses, chickens, puppy and has his first baby on the way. If you are ready to realise the true potential of your business and its ability to deliver financial freedom and improve your work/life balance, call Rob now – he can’t wait to partner with you.