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Steve Murray - Success Partner

Born in the UK Steve came to New Zealand in 1978 and within a few months realised he had come home. Quickly realising he had a real affinity with the people and the country. Steve initially built his career around saying “yes I can do that” and then working out the how. Steve went back to the UK in the late 90s when the recession hit as his wife really wanted to experience village life in the UK.

Before becoming a business advisor Steve had a varied series of senior management roles including:

  • Operations manager of a North Island logistics company

  • The GM of a NZ computer company, importing components and assembling PC’s for the NZ market

  • International Trade manager for the UK’s leading T shirt printing company, involving global travel, Bangladesh, Colombia, Greece and the purchase and import of millions of T shirts

  • Operations Manager for 2 of NZ’s leading fashion houses - so high value, relatively low volume, technically difficult. At the first fashion house, we were only the second company in NZ to implement barcoding into our operations.

Steve has also owned an award-winning art gallery in Cambridge. In the UK, he owned a successful Interior Design business and an agency promoting NZ artists into UK galleries. Having been self-employed for over 20 years he intimately understands the challenges of business ownership.

Owner-operators looking to bring some structure to their business will benefit from working with me. I have proven success in helping owners build their business while finding the balance between growth, profitability and most importantly having a life. I have coached 3 clients to win Waikato Chamber Business category awards and 1 client to the overall award.

The first question Steve will ask you is “Why are you in business?” Steve has assisted hundreds of business owners to enable the business to serve their needs rather than being overwhelmed with the day to day grind of running a business. Often it helps to set up an advisory board as this can help promote an understanding of future possibilities, what the business needs to grow and thrive and it can also address the owner’s personal needs from the business.

An advisory board specialist. Steve currently sits on several advisory boards covering a wide variety of industries. These include vehicle services, import and distribution, global software development, and Maori social enterprise. Steve has been a judge for the Waikato Chamber Business Awards for the last 10 years and is a member of The Institute of Directors.

Outside of work Steve has a passion for music, esoteric hifi equipment, classic cars, Manchester United and the All Blacks. You'll find him playing golf or in the garden in his spare time.