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Todd Bolton - Success Partner

Todd joined BSP with the aim of utilising his successful business skills and life experiences to better the outcome for others.

Having worked in all facets of business from the frontline through to CEO, Managing Director and Owner, Todd has seen and understood business from all perspectives. His experience spans from small start up’s through to global entities and includes a number of AUSNZ organisations. Todd has consistently grown the revenue, profitability, and value of businesses.

Taking a pragmatic approach to breaking down complexities and concentrating on the key issues, his main areas of focus include:

  • Growth, Development and Strategic Planning
  • Innovation
  • Organisation and workforce structures
  • Cost management and efficiencies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Exit planning

Todd has the benefit of first-hand experience in each of the grow, improve or survive scenarios that businesses face in the current environment. He quickly identifies the key triggers and is just as comfortable addressing challenges as he is helping drive growth and success. He will partner with owners and key decision makers providing commitment, trust and integrity while getting the job done.

Todd is an approachable, critical thinker and a great listener – giving confidence to his clients that they are heard and understood. Todd will help put actions and accountabilities in place and provide input, support, assistance, encouragement, feedback and direction to see that the desired results are achieved.

Todd has a love of sport and enjoys both the competitiveness and camaraderie it provides. His diverse sporting career included playing rugby overseas. Recent years have been committed to coaching, the odd marathon, triathlon, cycling events, fishing, and golf.

Married with two children, Todd has a supportive wife who has successfully run her own business. A daughter studying Nutrition and Dietetics at University in Australia and a high school son focused on engineering and future car racing. Together the family enjoy travelling whenever possible.